Strategy is found in every profession. In fact it is found in almost every corner of life. Like the winding S of a river gaining strength into rapids flowing faster until the ground gives way to the true strength of the river when met with gravity: a waterfall, strategy can take you to success while keeping you grounded so you can reach your full potential.

The featured photo to this blog post is taken by myself, Sara Ducharme, just after a HUGE downfall of rain, mixed with Winter run-off. Imagine feeling the current of this “Niagara Of The North” grabbing your feet like creditors or your ex’s best friend’s ever raging rants that you were never meant for one another… no kidding… that’s why they are an ex!

ANYWAYS, do you see that little piece of land, that is still showing through the thrashing water, with the tree? I grew up just about 6 or 7 Km from these falls. Kakabeka Falls, I’ll always consider the Kakabeka Falls Village and the surrounding Conmee Township as my home.

So, being a child I often got the chance to explore the Falls and its provincial park. I often stared at the falls and thought about what I would do if I ever got caught in the current and was doomed to go over the falls. I formed a strategy that didn’t involve me trying to reach the shores… the currents were too strong. Instead of swimming to the sides I would fight my hardest to swim towards the middle. Before the Falls there are a few plateau style rocks that I could potentially grab before getting to the Falls, but if that failed I would give it my all to make it to the tree.

We use strategy in everyday life. I’ve been using it since I was a small child (I’ve always been one to have very good situational awareness). I took this ability that I grew as a child and nurtured it and formed it into my working careers. I was able to move up the corporate leader with ease because of this skill.

Now, being an entrepreneur, I use the skill daily with every business venture I have ever been involved in and now have started to re-nurture it with my new venture of business coaching.

Being new to the world of online marketing and creating your very own online business can be overwhelming. You are constantly bombarded with the latest “secret formula” to success. I know when first entered to the coaching, or any online business world, I sure felt this way. But strategy is what cleared the over-load of information fog and revealed my path to a strategic plan of business success.

When I first got the idea into my head that I wanted to share my experiences, knowledge and skills with others, I hesitated. I kept telling myself that I needed more information, more knowledge and more experience. I just dug myself deeper and deeper into an overwhelmed state of mind where I bouncing from new headline to headline trying to absorb as much information as possible. I did this for at least 3 months. 3 months of constant studying, webinars, purchasing the newest products out there to help me find the answer that I had discovered when I was only a child looking at the beautiful Kakabeka Falls: I just need a strategy.

I felt the months of fog start to dissipate, I was starting to see my end goal right in front of me, when only moments before it felt like I was years away from reaching any sort of beginning, let alone seeing my end result. This is the clarity that I need to bring to other people who are struggling in the endless fog of media. To jump in my pickup and plough down the path so that others can see their end goal. Now, I will be honest, it was thanks to a coach of mine talking about mindset that triggered this all into place, and that is the cherry on the cake. Even though I had the answers in my head and I did achieve to start my strategy on my own, but if it wasn’t for my wonderful coach I may still be in the fog.

Now, let’s get down to the silky undergarments of what I want to share with you:

How To Find YOUR Strategy

I obviously just naturally want to say “well, hire me as your coach and I’ll tell you how”. But I want to do something that nobody did for me for free: help begin to clear the fog so you can find the strategy you need to make your business plans successful.

Whether it be developing your website, creating social media pages, developing a course, getting traffic, figuring out where your target audiences hide out online/offline, it doesn’t matter… write it all down, look it over and ask yourself what goal/idea/task would make the most impact for my business. PHEW. THERE. You did it. The rest can be put aside for now.
Actually, sit down… imagine how you are going to feel when everything on that list is completed. You finally have money coming in and can actually predict growth and revenue with your business. You have customers, recurring customers, potential customers… you have made it. Take that feeling and harness it. Own it. It will be you BECAUSE IT IS YOU.
I’m serious. Share your deadlines and have someone available to hold you to your deadlines.

Three steps. Repeat them with each item on that list and you will finally start being able to actually get things done.

I promise.

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